Visneto Portal

Visneto Portal

Available for all countries.

Group your rooms by house, floors, cities or even countries. Change the context and the functions in a
few minutes all around the world in the specific room you want to administer. To upload the latest software
or order a restart of a Visneto screen, are examples of some of the useful tools. Possibilities for an Administrator to assist at distance. In the Portal you will also find Mac addresses and its licenses to all connected screens.
The Portal is a powerful tool for any kind of company or organization. If you want to control exactly what should be used and displayed outside each and every conference room, you need Visneto Portal.
Visneto Portal do not handle any personal data and communicates via encrypted Cloud Service.
We can install Visneto Portal on-premises if ther are a if required

See some useful features

  • Centralized control of all screens admin menu via one computer
  • Encrypted Cloud Service
  • No personal data is handled
  • Change name on designated rooms
  • Change code on local screens
  • Control Outlook or stand-alone screens
  • Default settings controls all connected screens with one touch
  • Group screens and change specific group settings
  • Update the service account password
  • Add rooms and connect via a QR-code and get all designated settings (from Android 8)
  • See information on how the room is booked historically
  • Get statistics on who is not using their room reservations
  • Upgrade Visneto versions, all at the same time or a group or individual
  • Access to each screen’s Mac adress and license
  • See all connected rooms in the Portal
  • Install new room with QR code in 1 minute
  • Restart the entire screen (philips 10 inch) Others restart Visneto software
  • Ask for a on-premises install
  • Get statistics from Otlook on the use of the room
  • Visneto Portal is offered at annual cost, contact us for price

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