New layout choice from Visneto

Visneto now has two new smart choices in the menu. With latest apk, you can download and test “Trial Version” and it opens a new world for your creativity!


You choose which background you want for Red, Green and Yellow respectively by linking jpg images that replace the entire background. If you are using Visneto without the LED bar indicator light, you may need green, red and yellow support in the image as well to alert your colleagues to your current status. If you want to insert a logo in a special space in the image, there is no problem. Just add it to a free area in the layout you create. If you do not connect any images, the background will be completely black in all status mods (branch, yellow and red). If you chose the Visneto Milano screen where a lot of LED light already communicates your status, you can choose completely different colours and creative images for the background as the LED light provides enough status information.


If you choose the “Personal” layout, the words on the screen will be customized so that you can connect your own personal calendar screen and have a Visneto outside of your own office space.

You use this layout in the same way as Creativ layout. The difference is the choice of words not the features


Special custom layout for the hotel’s conference room

(if you download from Google Play, that version do not have license line, its not possibility to activate. Its just for test)

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